Plan for the next month

The following month will consist of work daily on animating the creatures and compositing them into the scenes. I have a couple more shots I want to complete and the ending needs finishing off. I have much more free time from now so I am happy that i can complete what I have to do. I will then spend from April to may adding finishing touches and drawing over each frame to make it more the style I wanted.

Here is my progress so far and I realise it’s going to be hard to grasp without any creatures in it. I atleast know which order to do things in now as it’s difficult to animate the creatures when I havent decided on the back shots.

Preview submission

 I’ve done as much as I can on this project without impending on the other hand in and projects. I realise it will be hard to grasp exactly what is going to happen without the creatures yet animated, however I did not want to spend time doing the animating all over again after my hardrive wiped and knew I’d have more time in March and April to complete it to a high standard.  I do realise however that I need to spend more time on it than I originally though and can now plan better to do this. 

I animated this butterfly for another project but the same effects is what I want to add to the creatures in my project. Magical, mystical and that give a fantasy feel. I used Illustrator to draw the wings so I am going to try convert my creature photoshop files in to a vector format

The transition

I am experimenting with stroke in after effects to reveal the more cartoonlike edit underneath. At the moment it is quite crude and will need to work on the detail. I also want it to be revealed with the creature. It’s hard to imagine at the moment but i know this will work when I have more time 25/02/14


shots from shoot 4 of the second scene, 19/02/14

Seems there was a grain issue with the camera as didnt show up on the viewfinder when filming, however as this will be turned into a cartoon anyway, should not make much difference. I am happy with the amount of shots but need to finish the ending and stabilise the staircase