The beginnnings of the roto, I am mainly going to focus on creating black outline – comic style effects. I decided to use photoshop, however, I am also going to have a go with illustrator. 15/12/13

Music and sound

I’ve spent today editing the sound and music to the footage.. I’ve kept some of the background sound to add to certain shots but for the most part I just want the music in the background. I played aorund with adding sound effects to the spirits but it simply was too cheesy or didnt fit… and I dont think it is required.

Creature effects

Today I am playing around with effects to put on the creatures. Initially I wanted them to be solid, then to look like doodles, now i’ve decided this combination of effects gives them a more ghostly feel. Whilst they are not meant to be ghosts per say… after showing it to some ppl they expected them to be more spiritual looking and I feel this works well in contrast with the black outlines.

Creature 10 animating

Ive gone for a butterfly creature for the night scene to emphasise they are not evil and are just more like a fantasy creature.. Ive spent a lot of time rotoing the scene and creating reflections in the window etc that match the movement…and pleased with the results